Inspection of Pre-packaged products

Our services for pre-packaged products exported to China include:

  1. Label approval: Labels shall be checked of their design and contents in accordance with related rules and regulations formulated by Chinese authorities. This service shall avoid the risk of refusal as a result of label non-conformity at destination ports and is condusive to a smoother delivery.
  2. Quality approval: Pre-shipment quality approval by our designated or cooperated laboratories according to China’s health and safety requirements ensures that your products are qualified for entrance and thus helps build up a fast channel for clearance.
  3. Loading supervision: This service provides conformity inspection on weight,quantity and the process of loading and a certificate issued as a result helps goods entering China through a specially arranged fast channel.
  4. Origin traceability: This service can provide product traceability throughout the production. We have an online platform to showcase brands and products of registered users. This helps build consumers confidence for Australian exporters.